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"Pôle de Modélisation"

One of the goals of the IPSL modeling community is to study how these different couplings can modulate climate and climate variability, and to determine how feedbacks in the Earth system control the response of climate to a perturbation such as the anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases.

For this purpose, the Earth system model of the IPSL is developed as a modular suite of model components of the Earth system that can be use either as stand alone models or coupled to each other.

The documentation presents the new features and results of the last version of the global IPSL coupled model that is used to run the set of simulations for the next IPCC assessment, the ENSEMBLES project, the palaeoclimate simulations for PMIP II and MOTIF projects, etc ....

The model has been developped at IPSL by the Pôle de Modélisation.

The documentation of the IPSL Earth Climate System Model is available here.

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